Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Day 147. Urban Decay Naked Skin Beauty Balm [first impressions]

A few days ago I went to Sephora and asked for a sample of the Urban Decay BB Cream, officially called Urban Decay Naked Skin Beauty Balm. I have been using it for a couple of days now, so here's my first impressions.

Image from Sephora

There was no real sample, so the UD MUA filled a little jar of BB Cream for me to try.

Urban Decay Naked Skin Beauty Balm

It is kind of weird: when the cream is just out of the tube, it's more compact and dense, if it's left in the pan it tends to turn a bit liquid.

The shade you see is the only one available: a medium beige color, I'd say. While it may work on pale and medium skin tones, I suspect it would look gray on darker ones. On my light-medium skin tone it disappears when blended.

Urban Decay Naked Skin Beauty Balm

It has a smooth texture and it spreads easily: other BB creams I tried, especially the Asian ones, have a thicker consistency and needs to be worked on the skin more.

After applying the BB cream the skin is silky to the touch and so, so smooth.

The Naked Skin Beauty Balm doesn't have much coverage: it works on pores and smaller imperfections, but the coverage is so light this that discolorations and spots may be still appear through and need further concealing.

Good point is that it doesn't turn oily during the day, which I experience all the time with other thicker BB Cream.

If you need just a bit of coverage and to perfect your skin just a bit, this BB Cream may be worth trying. Skip this if your skin has more evident imperfections.

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