Monday, May 20, 2013

Day 139. Mac Coppering Eyeshadow [review & swatches]

Another review of a Mac eyeshadow: Coppering!

Mac Coppering Eyeshadow

Coppering is a powder eyeshadow in a intense shade of copperish red. It leans more toward the rust- brownish red side of the spectrum than toward a orange copper one would expect from the name. It has a light golden shimmer, but it is very subtle.

It applies sheerly without a primer and requires quite a few layers of color to actually show up. The intensity is amped up to the max with a primer, and the application is almost opaque with just one layer of color.
It's soft and easy to blend.

While it may seem too red to wear this is a perfect color for people with green and blue eyes and a pale skin: it makes the green and blue pop and the contrast with light skin is fantastic. Still, it's not an obnoxious color, so it can be used for soft day looks.


  1. L'ho wishlistato proprio ieri sera! Vorrei però vederlo in paragone con "raspberry" (che già ho)

    1. non ho raspberry, ma cranberry... che è meno rosso ruggine e più bordeaux... cmq oggi fo il post con gli swatch di cranberry e se mi ricordo faccio anche uno swatch comparativo