Thursday, May 2, 2013

Day 121. Mac Ablaze Lipstick [review & swatches]

First review for the products from my mini Mac haul: Ablaze.

Ablaze is a lipstick from one of the Mac Fashion Sets Spring/Summer 2013 Collection.
It's a matte lipstick in a flattering coral shade. It's a very wearable shade, as it's not too reddish, but leans towards a orangey-pink color, especially in cool lights (see swatch picture below).

Mac Ablaze lipstick (natural light; flash)

While Ablaze has a matte finish, it is creamy, does not tug on the lips and it's not drying on the lips, as other matte lipstick do. It's not hydrating either, but it sits comfortably on the lips. Since it's creamy application is easy.

The only downside I think is longevity. On my lips, it is last about four hours, but fades noticeably after drinking and eating.

I first applied Ablaze around 11am and went about my business and had lunch (salad) around 1.30pm. It disappeared completely while eating. Before that it did not show any sign of fading or feathering.
I reapplied Ablazed after lunch, around 2pm (picture on the right), and had a couple of cups of teas and coffee, and Ablaze lost a little bit of its intensity but was still there. Around 5.30pm it looked like the picture on the left you can see below: it lost its intensity and looked faded. It completely disappeared after I snacked on a few baby carrots.
Usually matte lipsticks last longer on me, but Ablaze has such a nice shade and texture that I am willing to go though the pain of reapplying it during the day!

Mac Ablaze lipstick (right: 2pm; left:5.30pm)
Hope the review is helpful for you guys, let me know if you have different experience with this lipstick!

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