Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Day 133. Mac Passionate eyeshadow [review & swatches]

Today's review is all about Mac Passionate in eyeshadow incarnation!

Mac Passionate Eyeshadow

Mac Passionate is a magenta matte shade. In the pan it looks more fuchsia and more intense than it is in reality. It applies quite sheerly, and even with a primer it just does not get even near opaque levels, even though the primer helps with its staying power.

Since it's a matte color, a little bit of powderiness is to be expected, but Passionate is not just powdery, it's also quite hard to pick up. It's also kind of hard to blend, as it tends to stick to the lid if used with a primer and it tends to migrate with the brush strokes if used without. Generally I prefer using a primer and then working Passionate till I get the result I want, which usually takes a while.

While the intent behind Passionate is fantastic, I quite think the realization is quite lacking.
I tend to use Mac Passionate if I want a little bit of color on my lower lids or do a banana technique with a light color.

Mac Passionate is just not one of my favorite eyeshadows!

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