Sunday, May 5, 2013

Day 124. RapidBrow Eyebrow Enhancing Serum [review & pictures]

Two days in a row dedicated to eyebrows... it must mean something!
Today I am reviewing the RapidBrow Eyebrow Enhancing Serum!

If you are a regular reader you may know that I have a somewhat difficult 'relationship' with my eyebrows. So when I heard the PixiWoo sisters raving about RapidBrow I knew I had to get it.
It's not available in my country and since I was going to London, I decided I would pick it up during my trip and try it. And so I did.

I run out of product around the middle of April and I got a friend to pick another bottle for me in London. And I still don't know if I threw my money away. Keep reading to figure out why!

Let me start with the usual product description.
The RapidBrow Serum comes in a packaging similar to a mascara that contains 3ml/0.1 fl oz of product.
The want is also similar to one of a mascara's but its smaller in size and the bristles are white and quite rigid.

RapidBrow Eyebrow Enhancing Serum

The Serum has a consistency that is in between a gel and a liquid and it's easily distributed on the brows with the applicator. The Serum is transparent, unscented and almost invisible when applied (it only makes your eyebrows look sort of wet).

RapidBrow Eyebrow Enhancing Serum (box)

The instructions are pretty easy to follow: you are supposed to apply the serum on your eyebrows at least twice a day.
Promised results are indicated on the purple sheet in the instructions (please see picture below). Basically it boils down to fuller eyebrows.

RapidBrow Eyebrow Enhancing Serum (instructions)

Please take a look at the picture of my brows I took at the beginning of February, when I was not doing the RapidBrow treatment. 

As you can see my brows have a weird shape (short, missing ends), sparse but thick hairs. 

I started to apply it while I was in London, on February 18th. I am now on my second tube of the serum and well over the 60 days suggested by RapidBrow.
The picture you see below is a picture of my brows yesterday before my Benefit Brow Bar appointment.

My (untamed) brows looks still shapeless, but kind of fuller. Also you may notice stray hairs everywhere but I applied the Serum everywhere in hope of getting the end of my brows to grow and I tried not to pluck my eyebrows. 

As it is, I should be perfectly happy with the results as the Serum seemed to do what it promised. But thinking back to it, the thickness and fullness may be due to other factor, which may have confounded the Serum claim to only responsible for this results.
These confounding variables are: 
  • a nail & hair grow supplement I am taking everyday for 90 days. I started taking it when I started using the Serum
  • plucking, or lack of thereof. I was very very careful this past months not to pluck any hair that was anywhere near my possible arch shape. I am not usually this careful.
  • I tried not to nervously touch and mistakenly pull out my eyebrows, which was a nervous tic I often did.
All these factor may have influenced the fuller look my eyebrows have.
What I notice yesterday at my brow bar appointment was that waxing my brows was much more painful that what I am used to and that my brow professional really had to tug to get some hairs out, and this makes me think that my brows are somewhat stronger and healthier. And only the Serum and the supplement may have influenced this. 

I am still using my second tube of RapidBrow and I will use it till it runs out. I am trying to focus on my eyebrow ends and empty spots I can see, so I can save a little bit of product and make it last longer, as it is very expensive (about 37 GBP/50 USD).
And I do think it is too expensive for the results I got: yes, my eyebrows are a little bit fuller, but nothing more, I still need to fill them in and draw the ends. So once I finish this bottle of RapidBrow I don't think I'll repurchase it, as I did not get the amazing results other people reported to have!

Have you ever used RapidBrow? If so, did you get the results you hoped for?

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  1. Do you know if the product has to be used forever to maintain results?