Friday, May 3, 2013

Day 122. Mac Embrace Me lipstick [review & swatches]

Second review from my mini Mac haul: Embrace Me.

This is another lipstick from the Fashion Set Collection Mac released for Spring/summer 2013.

Mac Embrace Me lipstick

Embrace Me is a bright pink (leaning toward fuchsia) shade, with a matte finish. It's blue based, so it's cool toned.

Swatches for Mac Embrace Me lipstick

It's not as creamy as Mac Ablaze: it's bit stiff and may take two layers to get full coverage. Still, it's very pigmented and intense. Even if it's not as soft, it does not tug much on the lips.
It is a bit drying, but not too uncomfortable.
What may seem a downside becomes positive because the stiffness and dryness help with its longevity.

I applied Embrace Me around 7.40am and it looked as in the pictures below: intense and opaque.

Mac Embrace Me lipstick, just applied, around 7.40 am
(top: warm light; bottom: cool light)

I had a snack and a cup of coffee around 11 and the lipstick looked as in the first picture below: it is noticeably less intense than when I first applied it but still there. I had a light lunch around 12.30 and after Embrace Me had faded: only the outer edges and a slight stain remained (second picture).

Mac Embrace Me lipstick
(top: around 11am; bottom: around 1pm)

I'd say that the last trace of lipstick remained up to 3pm but then I had to apply a lip balm because my lips were getting too dry and it was starting to bother me.

Overall I am satisfied with Embrace Me, even if it's a bit on the dry side. I especially like its staying power. The shade is lovely, but strangely enough, I don't see myself wearing it too often because it's too much in your face. It is certainly a shade suitable for summer: bright and fun, and it looks less scary in the sunlight!

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  1. Molto carino come colore anche se ha un sottotono troppo bluastro per i miei gusti!
    Curiosa di vederlo a confronto con Candy Yum Yum... ad occhio mi son sembrati molto simili.