Saturday, May 4, 2013

Day 123. The Benefit Brow Bar Experience

As the post title suggest, today I had my brows done at my local Benefit Brow bar and I thought to take some before/after pictures!

Last week I reached a point I couldn't see myself in the mirror anymore because my brows were getting too uncontrolled. So I booked an appointment at my local Benefit Boutique with my favorite brow expert.

I have been using Rapid Brow in hope of getting my brow ends to grow, with very questionable results. So early this morning my brows were a mess and right now they are as fantastic as they can be, given the starting material.

The Benefit Brow Bar has a very specific way of doing eyebrows that mainly consists in three steps:

- brushing eyebrow hairs upwards and carefully cutting any hair that's too long
- shaping the brow arch by waxing, removing all the hair around the brow, cleaning up the shape
- tweezing any excess hair that escaped waxing and cleaning up the shape even more.

Additionally, after finishing the brows, the brow expert applies some light make up to cover up any redness and to shape the brows perfectly.

In the picture below you can see my brow before my appointment (disaster), perfectly done and filled in by the Benefit brow expert, and finally without any make up on.

Benefit designed eyebrows: before treatment, after treatment (filled in),
after treatment (not filled in)

As you can notice, the brow expert removed my brow ends that were growing outside the shape of the arch and redesigned the arch by defining the upper line of my brow. She filled in my brows with a brow pencil, and you can see that this step make a ton of difference for my brow shape. It's something I always try to do, because my face looks different and more put together if my brows are clearly defined. But before that, I need someone to shape and clean my brows for me, as I learned the hard way that I suck at tweezing my own eyebrows!

The upkeep is very simple: I tend to go to the Benefit Brow Bar avery couple of months and in the meantime I try to keep my brows clean, but without touching the actual brow. Basically I pluck out any hair outside the arch without going too near it. Since here in Italy the cost of the brow bar is pretty high (about 21€), with this method I can skip a month without terrible consequences. After a while though my eyebrows become untamed and I need a professional!

The Benefit Brow Bar also offers other services, such as brow and lash dye, false lash application, etc. My mom had her brows shaped and dyed and she looks completely different (in a good way, obviously).

If you have troublesome brows like me, I highly suggest you make an appointment to your local Benefit Brow Bar to have a consultation and eventually have your brow shaped.
I have been going to my local Benefit Brow Bar for more than a year now, and it took me a while to figure out the brow expert I trusted more with my brows, and now she knows me (and my mother) very well and she knows our tastes for brows and makes always a wonderful job. It really pays to build a relationship with your brow professional, as they have the shape of your face in their hands and you need to be able to talk freely about how you want your eyebrows!

If you are good with brows, after an initial consultation and shaping, you can do the upkeep yourself.

Anyway, imho, every girl needs to try the Benefit Brow Bar experience at least once, to know what it's like to get fantastic brows and be pampered all the while!

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