Saturday, May 18, 2013

Day 137. Sephora Eau Micellaire Démaquillante/Triple Action Cleansing Water [review]

Today I am reviewing a product that is fast becoming a favorite in my skin care routine: Sephora Eau Micellaire Démaquillante.
Image from Sephora

First thing first: Sephora deleted the "micellaire" part from the English name of this product. The complete English translation would be Cleansing Micellar Water. "Micelles" are micro particles formed by tensioactive substances and what they do is they make hydrophobic materials (such as make up) soluble.

It's transparent and similar to water in appearance, but it is slightly oily to the touch.

Basically it's a cleanser which requires very little work on your part as it is highly effective. Sephora Eau Micellaire has a pump design and one pump of product on a cotton pad is enough for both eyes and face, and just one swipe with the cotton pad should be enough to clean your face of make up. Micellar Water is also slightly hydrating to the skin and perfect for all kind of skin, but it's particularly suited for delicate skins.

After using a cotton pad with micellar water, your skin should be clean and feel comfortable, with no need of a rinse. The slight oily feel of it disappears after a few minutes. Since I am very peculiar I do not enjoy this feeling so I just rinse my face with cold water and go with my normal skin care routine.

I find that the Sephora Eau Micellaire is highly effective on all the make up I usually wear. The only exception is on mascara, which the Sephora micellar water has a bit of a problem to get rid of. What I like to do is to press the cotton pad soaked with micellar water to my eyes for a 15/20 seconds to give the product a chance to soak into the mascara and then wipe it away. This works really well for me and gets rid of all the traces of mascara, with the benefit of not stressing the skin around my eyes with rubbing motions. I did not test it on waterproof mascara, but I guess it would work, if given the time.

I really like this product as it is quick and easy to use as a makeup remover, and I know that if I don't feel like doing my skin care routine, the Eau Micellaire will have a hydrating effect on my skin.

Sephora Eau Micellaire Démaquillante/Triple Action Cleansing Water is also paraben and sulfate free.

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