Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Day 127. Mac Éclair Paint Pot [Review & Swatches]

Last product from my Mac mini haul: the Paint Pot in Éclair. It took me a bit to get this review up because I have been testing Éclair extensively (and loving it).

Mac Éclair Paint Pot

Mac Éclair is a long lasting cream eyeshadow in the tones of bronzed browns from the Mac Baking Beauties collection. It is quite warm and luminous. It has a soft bronzy shimmer that does overwhelm the base color, which is a fantastic warm brown. It dries with a pearly finish, and it's not metallic or frosty at all, which sometimes happens with shimmery cream shadows.

Swatches for Mac Éclair Paint Pot

It applies and blends easily using just fingers, since it's creamy, but dries in a minute or so. Even without a primer it lasts 8hr+ on me, which is almost unheard of. It also layers easily to add intensity. It goes on opaque on the lid with just one layer of color.

It doesn't compare to any other Paint Pot I own, but I swatched Éclair here together with Rubenesque and Quite Natural. From the swatches I did a while ago, I'd say the most similar Paint Pot is Indianwood (owned by my friend C.), but Indianwood is more cool toned and lacks the bronze-red mix that makes Éclair warm toned.

From the top: swatches for Rubenesque, Éclair and
Quite Natural.

I have been loving Éclair hard, and it's on its way to become my favorite paint pot, I think I like it even more than Rubenesque. It's bright but not overly so, perfect for a quick look in the morning, to wear with bold lips (which it's my favorite combo). It can be easily smoked out for a sultry look for a night out without it being too much.  Definitely a big, fat YES from me for this Paint Pot!

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