Sunday, May 12, 2013

Day 131. Mac Samoa Silk eyeshadow [review & swatches]

Today I am reviewing another Mac eyeshadow: Samoa Silk!

Mac Samoa Silk
(The shadow in the pan is so much more orangey than this picture
makes it seem! I apologize, but the lighting was collaborating) 

Mac Samoa Silk is a light warm orangey peach color with a Veluxe finish. It's basically a matte eyeshadow with a extremely fine milled powder that gives the eyeshadow a soft, silky smooth texture.

Samoa Silk does not have the perfect color pay off, but it is kind of sheer: to have a good coverage it needs a couple of layers of color.

Swatches for Mac Samoa Silk eyeshadow
(natural light/flash; no primer/primer)

It is kind of powdery when picked up with a brush, but it's soft, and very easy to blend. To apply it to its maximum intensity you need to pat it on the lid gently and layer it without moving it too much with the brush. It performs so much better with a primer: the color is more intense and lasts longer.

In my opinion, even if it has a few drawbacks, it is still a shade to own, especially if you have light to medium-light skin tones. It's a color that really complements these skin tones, it gives a hint of color, freshness and warmth without being actually a in your face orange. It's perfectly suitable for almost-naked day looks.

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