Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Day 148. Mac Fix+ [review]

This post is about a product that is so renewed that this is going to be me raving about it more than anything else. I'm talking about the Mac Fix +!

The Mac Fix Plus (or Fix +) is a water based spray with vitamins and minerals that has hydrating and refreshing to the skin. It is also commonly used to set the make up.

I find the Mac Fix+ excellent as a quick and easily absorbed refreshing (and calming) spritz. I usually keep a little spray bottle (travel sized) filled with Fix+ in my bag and when I feel that my face is puffy I spray a little bit of Fix+ and the puffiness seems to go down. I also like keeping it at hand during long flights, to refresh and hydrate my skin.

As for setting the make up, I am not really sure Fix+ is the best product out there: I do not think it actually helps the make up stay on for a longer time. I think it just helps getting rid of any excess powder and during the day it may help when your make up is getting cakey!

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