Saturday, May 11, 2013

Day 130. Italian make up brands: Deborah Milano

Another post for my series "Italian make up brands". Today I'm introducing Deborah Milano.

Deborah Milano is actually part of a holding group (Deborah Group) which has a long history. Deborah Group actually started in 1903 in the pharmaceutical field but the brand actually became famous for skin care products. During the '60s the group expanded and developed a make up section which was later branded it under the name Deborah Milano.

Deborah Milano has both a make up line and a skin care line. Both lines have very reasonable prices and can be bought in supermarkets and perfume stores. In Milan there is also a flagship store that holds the current collections and a fantastic outlet section, where you can find very good deals.

I have to say that I don't have much knowledge about Deborah products, as I am woefully out of its target. I did try a few nail polishes and lipsticks and found them of middle-range quality.
What strikes me about Deborah products is that they have several bold colors that are not easily found elsewhere.
I know that there are several people who love Deborah products and swear by them, so give them a try if you get the chance to!

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