Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Day 140. Mac Kid eyeshadow [review & swatches]

Another Mac eyeshadow today: Kid!

Mac Kid Eyeshadow

Kid is a warm light beigy brown shade. It has a Veluxe finish: very finely milled matte powder. The texture is so very soft and smooth, very kind to the skin.

As far as pigmentation goes, Kid is not the best eyeshadow from Mac, it needs a few layers to actually show. It performs better with a primer: the color is more intense and requires just a couple of layers. Still, in both cases, Kid remains sheer.
Still, it's not patchy: it applies evenly and blends well.

Swatches for Mac Kid eyeshadow
(Left: natural light, no primer/primer; right: flash, no primer/primer)
What I quite like about Kid is that it's perfect to cover up any discoloration I have on my lids, and I can use it as a real "naked" color: it blends pretty well with my lid. My advice is to try to pat in on the lids instead of swiping the brush with the color on the lid: this way Kid does not move around and shows up on the lid more easily.

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