Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Day 43. MakeUp inspired bijou/jewelry/charms

A break from our normally scheduled makeup talk to show you something that intrigued me.
A few days ago I went out with my friends, and the always trendy and fashionable G. had these splendid earrings.

They are lipstick shaped earrings! So nice! This intrigued me a lot and spurred me to find other jewelry shaped like makeup items!
Click below to see what I found!

Well, my search uncovered some really horrid things, such as these Mayan-like chandelier earring that happens to have lipstick charms hanging down from this website (also seen on other websites)

I had better luck on Etsy.

I found a really nice bracelet with nail polish charms from AraceliValencia. I think it's utterly adorable!

Listing and Image at AraceliValencia

Next I found this item from JewelryBySolange. The lanyard is made of colorful strings of silk and can be adapted for wearing as a bracelet, anklet or necklace. The charms are held together by a ring and are beauty-inspired: Perfume Bottle, Lips, Hairdryer, Makeup Case & Comb with bow, Sterling Silver Jump Rings, Rose Baroque Swarovski Crystal.

Listing and image at JewelryBySolange

What about this nail polish charm from PaintingOutsideLines? You can hung from anything you want! This Etsy page also has earrings and key chains and other little items with this design!

Listing and image at PaintingOutsideLines

If you are feeling crafty yourself and want to make your own jewelry, you could buy a few makeup inspired cabochons from blingyourthings. Their little Mac Cosmetics inspired items are just ADORABLE!
Listing and image at blingyourthings

One last thing that I found on Etsy that I loved and it's makeup related but not jewelry. These prints from bunnypumpkin are absolute darlings and I wish I had a makeup room to hang them up on the walls.

Listing and image at bunnypumpkin

This is all I could find that wasn't completely tacky or terrifying. I do love makeup, cosmetics and I would LOVE to have a few jewelry on the same theme! 
Do you know any store/seller that have this kind of items? 

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