Friday, February 1, 2013

Day 32. Neve Cosmetics Fenicottero natural lip pencil

Today I am going to do a short review of one of the new natural lip pencil from Neve. It'a pencil named Fenicottero (flamingo) and it's a bright pink/ fuchsia color.

These new lip pencils are completely natural, and can be used alone or as a base under a lipstick.
Fenicottero, as I was saying, is a bright pink-fuchsia color.

I tested it for a couple of days before writing this review. I tested it alone.
Fenicottero is not that bad, the color payoff is very good and it has a decent enough lasting power.

I applied it around 9.30am and it looked like this:

I took a picture with my mirror light set on "natural", because natural light was sort of scarce today. The color are a bit warmer in this picture than in reality. Anyway, it applied smoothly, without tugging on my lips, and it was not drying at first.
After about 30/45 minutes I started feeling my lips drying without reaching an uncomfortable level. I almost reached for a lip balm, gloss or moisturizing lipstick a couple of time during the morning.
At lunchtime the color was still there, with only minor fading, probably from my sipping coffee all morning.

After lunch (soup), my lips looked like this:

(changed location, new light!)

My lips look kind of chapped, and the lip color is only present on the very edges of the lips. I think it's a good result for a lip pencil! So overall it lasted about 4 hours or so, fading only after eating, with only a drying sensation on my lips.

This last step was a huge mistake. As I wrote before, my lips felt like they were drying and chapping. I reapplied the lip pencil after lunch but the lips drying is definitely evident in the picture below!

The color is ok but my dry-as-the-desert lips are definitely evident!
I suggest not reapplying the product without a balm, a gloss, or something hydrating on top. The pencil tugged on my dry lips, but still applied smoothly.

Next time I'll have to try to wear Fenicottero with a lipstick and see if it still dries my lips and if it last longer! I'll keep you updated!


  1. i just found your review from googling these products, it's really helped me make a decision. you photos are good quality and i like the lighting in the last couple :) xo