Saturday, February 9, 2013

Day 40. Inglot Teal trio eye look

Today I did a eye-focused look using a trio of eyeshadow I did with the Inglot freedom system. The main color is a green-based teal.

- Inglot eye shadow in matte #372, matte #338 and ACM Shine #24
- Mac Rich Ground Gel liner
- Avon Cosmetics powder blush in Rosa Rocio
- Maybelline Colorsensational lipstain in 640 (In the Buff)

After prepping my eyelid with my Mac Painterly Paint Pot, I patted with a flat brush the Inglot #372 eyeshadow on my lid, up to the crease. Inglot #372 is a matte greeinish turquoise shade. As all the Inglot eyeshadows, it's very, very powdery, but very pigmented and easy to pat on the lid.

Next, I applied Inglot #338 in the crease and slightly over it, blending it upwards. I also brought it half way through my lower lid. Inglot #338 is a matte petrol/dark teal shade that is lighter that it appears in the pan.

On the inner corner and the rest of my lower lid I applied Inglot ACM Shine #24, a nice, light aquamarine color with tons of shimmer.

I lined my upper lash line with my Mac Rich Ground Gel liner, which seems so much bronz-ier and redder next the the teal eyeshadows than it actually is. I also applied it on my lower water line.
Finally I curled my lashes and applied my trusty Kiko Super Color brown Mascara.

I kept my cheeks and lips as neutral as possible: on my lips I used the "In the buff" Colorsensational lipstain from Maybelline, a nice nude color; while on the cheeks I used my Avon Rosa Rocio blush, a light rose blush that gives the idea of a slight flush on the cheeks without being too much.

Maybelline Colorsensational lipstain in "In the bluff" (640)

Avon Cosmetics Rosa Rocio blush

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