Thursday, February 7, 2013

Day 38. Mac Party Parrot lipstick [review & swatches]

I recently got my coveted my Mac Party Parrot lipstick, which is my new love. I love bold color on the lips and Party Parrot is exactly that: bold.

Keep reading for my review!

Mac Party Parrot is a difficult color to define: in a certain light it looks corral-y pink, in cool toned light it looks bright fuchsia. It sure catches attention!
It has a matte finish and it's not overly drying (some discomfort around the third hour of wear). It sits well on the lips and doesn't bleed.
It last about 4/5 without reapplying for me: it feathers out terribly while having a meal, but it lasts without problems through little snacks and drinks, with only minor transfer.

Swatch for Mac Party Parrot lipstick
In my opinion this shade is perfect to combine with a naked look on the eyes, and that's how I have worn it so far. But the color is so bold and crazy that I think you could wear it for a night out!

Well, I may have found a rival for my Sephora Rouge Mr Lover lipstick (more blue toned and fuchsia than Party Parrot!
Super happy with this new addition to my lipstick selection!

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