Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Day 37. Where to shop for make up and skin care products in Italy [2]

Welcome to the second post dedicated to cosmetics shopping in Italy.

In my first post, I mentioned supermarkets as sure places where to find skin care and make up products wherever you are in Italy.
The second place you may find cosmetics is a "profumeria", that is, a perfume shop.

Most town will have an independent profumeria where you will find an idiosyncratic mix of brands and products. Most of these shops will have two section: a section dedicated to perfumes and one dedicated to make up. Brand and product selection will vary from almost knock off brand to luxury brand, with almost no in between. Skin care products are usually pretty rare, in these places.

If you are in a bigger town, you may find a franchised profumeria, which will have a good selection of drugstore (i.e. Maybelline) and luxury (i.e. Dior) brands both in the perfume and make up sections of the store.

Two of the most widespread chain/franchised profumeria stores are Limoni and La Gardenia. In particular, La Gardenia is the only distributor in Italy for SmashBox and theBalm products.

Profumeria shops are a sure bet if you need something specific from an international luxury brand.

Prices may also vary from indie profumeria stores (high) to franchised stores (high/middle range).

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