Friday, March 29, 2013

Day 87. Wet 'n' Wild I'm Feeling Retro Eyeshadow Trio [Review & Swatches]

Another week, another Wet 'n' Wild trio. This time I am reviewing the I'm Feeling Retro Trio!

The I'm Feeling Retro trio from Wet 'n' Wild is another intense and inexpensive eyeshadow palette.

Wet 'n' Wild ColorIcon palettes have the eyeshadow function printed on the eyeshadow itself, but obviously you can use these eyeshadows just as you like. The fuchsia color is the eyelid color, the blue one is for the crease and the white shade one is for the brow bone

Wet 'n' Wild I'm Feeling Retro eyeshadow trio

For today swatches, from the left, pictures are: eyeshadow in the pan, swatches in natural light (no primer/primer), swatches with flash (no primer/primer).

Let's start with the eyelid shade, coincidentally the shade I used the most. It's an intense blue-based fuchsia color with silver shimmer. It's kind of sheer, but it builds up to almost opaque with a few layers of color. A primer definitely helps with the color intensity but also because the shade is kind of powdery. Still, this shade is soft and easy to blend. 

Swatches for the eyelid color in the Wet 'n' Wild I'm Feeling Retro trio

The crease shade is a teal-blue color with golden shimmer. It's definitely my favorite shade in this trio. It's kind of sheer, but with a primer the color is intense and long lasting. The golden shimmer is not overwhelming. It's not powdery like the eyelid shade in this trio; it's soft and blends easily.

Swatches for the crease color in the Wet 'n' Wild I'm Feeling Retro trio

The last shade is a intense glittery white. It's soft and easy to blend, the glitter is silver-toned and tends to fall out, but it's not too much, so it's easy to deal with it. This shade is almost completely opaque with just one layer of color. 

Swatches for the brow bone color in the Wet 'n' Wild I'm Feeling Retro trio
I really like this palette, even though the eyelid and crease colors make it slightly less wearable than Spoiled Brat trio. Still, the crease color is fantastic, and the fuchsia is not too bad either! It's really good value for money!

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