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Day 74. Sleek MakeUp iDivine Showstoppers LE palette [review & swatches]

As I said yesterday, I had my sister pick up two Sleek Make Up palettes from Sephora. Yesterday I reviewed the iDivine Lagoon palette from the Aqua collection. Today I am reviewing the second one, the Showstoppers palette.

The packaging is the usual one from Sleek: cardboard box and black hard plastic case. This time though Sleek printed the front of the box with a gorgeous picture of the eyeshadows contained in the palette.

Sleek MakeUp iDivine Showstoppers LE Palette

There's also the typical plastic sheet with the names of the eyshadows'. The names are inspired or directly from the other Sleek palettes, both permanent and LE. The Showstoppers palette itself is Limited Edition. 

Sleek MakeUp iDivine Showstoppers LE Palette

It contains 12 eyeshadows, half with a matte finish and half with a shimmery finish. 

Sleek MakeUp iDivine Showstoppers LE Palette

Please refer to the picture above for an accurate rendering of the colors in their pans. As usual, for each eyeshadow there's two pictures: the first is taken in natural light, the second with flesh. Each picture has two swatches: the bottom one is the eyeshadow applied over primer, the top one is on natural skin. 

The first two shadows are Paraguaya and Oh So Special.

Paraguaya is a light matte pink. It's powdery but applies consistently. The only problem I have with this shade is that it is so light that blends with my skin and it is basically impossible to see. It may work better color-wise on richer skin tones.

Oh So Special is a medium dark matte grey. While it's not opaque, it still has good pigmentation and applies easily, especially over a primer. 

Swatches for Paraguaya and Oh So Special from the Sleek Showstoppers palette
Next are Sunset and Bohemian.

Sunset is a dark burgundy with a slight gold shimmer. It's soft and applies easily. Application with a primer helps this eyeshadow apply more evenly. 

Bohemian is a matte light coral shade. It's kind of powdery and sheer when applied. It is definitely better when applied on a primer: the color is more intense and even. 

Swatches for Sunset and Bohemian from the Sleek Showstoppers palette

Me, Myself and Eye is a intensely shimmery white shade. It's very soft and easy to pick up with a brush. It's very bright but not overly glittery. 

Storm is a matte dark navy blue shade. It's powdery but applies evenly. Without a primer it looks faded and sheer, while a primer helps with pigmentation and coverage. 

Swatches for Me, Myself & Eye and Storm from the Sleek Showstoppers palette

Bad Girl is a moss green with intense gold shimmer. It's soft and buttery and applies with no difficulties. 

Sparkle is a rosy champagne color with a cool toned shimmer. The color is so pale that it looks kind of white. It may work beautifully as a highlighter. It has a good consistency and applies well. 

Swatches for Bad Girl and Sparkle from the Sleek Showstoppers palette

Noir is a cool toned shimmery dark grey color. It applies opaque in one layer and is even both with and without a primer. 

Au Natural is a glittery purple color. The pigment itself has a matte finish, but has random glittery chunks in it. It's really sheer, and one layer of color looks faded. It behaves better when applied with a primer: the pigmentation is better and the glitter does not fall out as much. 

Swatches for Noir and Au Natural from the Sleek Showstoppers palette

Ultramattes V2 is a matte black color. It is not a black-black, because the application is kind of sheer and it's not excessively pigmented. 

Graphite is a red brown shade with a cool toned shimmer finish. It has intense pigmentation and applies and blends easily.    

Swatches for Ultramattes V2 and Graphite from the Sleek Showstoppers palette

Overall this is a good palette. The matte shades require are kind of powdery and may need some work packing the color on in layers and not swiping it on the lid. Almost all the shimmery shades are good and easy to work with.

The only thing I am having doubts about is that it's a spring release. The colors just does not scream spring to me, they seem more fall-winterish. I guess it can be used for night looks, but I don't see myself using the Showstoppers palette for day looks for the next six months. Still a solid palette from Sleek though. 

[ETA 03/17/2013: I did a look using Sunset here]
Swatches for the Sleek MakeUp iDivine Showstoppers LE Palette

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