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Day 59. Guest post: Maybelline Eye Studio Lasting Drama Gel Eyeliner [Review & Swatches]

[Guest Post today from my friend S.!]

A few days ago I was talking with my friend E. about our recent trip to London and all the amazing things we purchased there…among which my new beloved “Absolute black” gel eyeliner from Maybelline. She asked me to write a guest post on her blog, so here I am :)

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I have to say that my experience with gel liners has always been troubled. I own and love two marvelous gel eyeliner from Essence (London – a beautifully cold brown shade - , and New York City – a metallic wood green that I absolutely adore). But I also had a very sad love-story with my black gel liner from Inglot. It started out beautifully with a trip to NYC and our first encounter in their shop in Time Square…and it ended up with my gel liner drying out in less than 3 months and a lot of time spent trying to give it a second chance. Eventually, we broke up. 

But you know, women are stubborn, so I wanted to try out a new gel liner, however I sure did not want to spend a lot on money on it. The Maybelline one seemed to me the perfect choice. Moreover, my friend G. really recommended it, and it was even less pricy in the UK (£7.99 vs. 10.49 Euros) so I had to buy it and try it out.

First thing first: the packaging. The gel liner comes in a carton box containing a glass jar and a small handy brush. First consideration on the jar. The look is not at all cheap. The glass is glazed as it is the metallic top. I like very much the look of it.

Now, just a few words on the brush. It’s a small flat brush with synthetic bristles. I think it is very easy to draw a line with it – even a winged one. I have always been a fan on angled brushes for gel liners (my favourite is in the Neve Cosmetics selection), but recently I tried to apply liners with different brushes (with mixed results of course). Well, this one is definitely one of the best and it ranks up with my angled from Neve now.

And, last but not least, the gel liner. It has a gel texture indeed (unlike the Inglot one which had a denser formula), similar to the ones I own from Essence. Is completely matte (no glitter, no shimmer), and absolutely black, as the name suggests. It is very smooth and easy to apply and it won’t require more than one hand to get full colour. It is really pigmented, I love it! Finally, it stays on all day. 

Swatches for the Maybelline Eye Studio Lasting Drama Gel Eyeliner
Here, I have to admit that my skin is very dry, and although I normally use eye primers to enhance the colour pay-off and to prevent powder eye-shadows from fading, I normally don’t use any primer under cream products since I don’t need it. And before starting to hate me from my dry-like-a-mummy eyelid think of my daily fight against expression-rids. Thank you, now move on with the review. So, it stays on all day, but it is not that difficult to remove at night (just a quick swipe with your makeup remover should do).
Well, in the end, I love this product. It has a great value for the money and it looks beautifully intense on the eyes. I really think I would repurchase it, and now I would like to try out more of the shades that Maybelline offers.

Thank you, S., for writing this detailed review! I hope to have more contributions from you in the future ;) Thank you again!

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