Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Day 84. Make Up For Ever Brush Cleanser [review]

This post is dedicated to a product I use very often: the Make Up For Ever Brush Cleanser.

Even though I have more brushes than I need, I keep reaching for my favorites. This means that these brushes need to be always clean. I don't have time to deep clean them every day, and it wouldn't be advisable all the same, since it would end up ruining the brushes.

So back in January I bought the Make Up For Ever Brush Cleanser.

The cleanser is in a plastic 200ml spray bottle. The liquid itself is a pale green color and has a slight medical scent that disappears a few seconds after spraying the product.

As with all the spray brush cleanser, you are supposed to spray the product on the brush bristle from 15/20 cm away, and then wipe the brush on a tissue or a clean fabric: the eyeshadows or blush is left on the tissue and the brush should be clean.

The MUFE brush cleanser works pretty well. It's amazing on brushes that are dirty with powder product residues. I've found that while it cleans off most of the product, sometimes it's not able to remove color stains: white bristles (i.e. Mac 217) may still have color stain after getting cleaned with the MUFE cleanser. The good point is that even if the bristles are stained, they are clean and don't leave down color. I have also found that the stains usually disappear with the next deep wash.

The only downside of this cleanser is that it doesn't dry completely in a few seconds, as other spray brush cleansers or even just rubbing alcohol do. You need to let the bristles dry for about 5/10 minutes before using the brush again. Otherwise the bristles will be slightly wet and won't pick up products at all.

Even though I am satisfied with this product, I think next time I'll go try the Mac brush cleanser or I'll stick with rubbing alcohol!


  1. I have this product too and I have a question about it. I haven't been able to find an expiry date on it, have you? I got it about two years ago and didn't use it and I'm thinking of giving it away but I don't know if it's still ok to use...

    1. Mine does not have an expiry date either! And it doesn't have a PAO either! How strange! I'll drop a line at the MUFE FB page or at their websites.

      But, my thoughts are:
      Since it contains alcohol (second or third ingredients on the list) I'd say it safe to use, as it is really uncommon for something containing alcohol to spoil.
      I'd do a "sniff" test and visual check before though: does it smell as it did when you first purchased? does it have the same color?? If it's all the same, then I'd use it.

      Hope it helps!

    2. Thank you very much! I also thought it might be ok because of the alcohol but I wanted a second opinion :D Its smell is normal, not altered in any way. Thanks again and have a great day!