Sunday, March 10, 2013

Day 68. Bdellium Green Bambu Smoky Eyes 5pc. Brush Set [Reviews & dupes]

My crazy, crazy friends C., G., G. & S. got me a Bdellium Tools 5 pieces brush set from the Green Bambu series for my birthday!

I am very excited to review these brushes as this is my first experience with Bdellium and I have to say that it's been good so far!

Bdellium Green Bambu Smoky Eyes 5pc. Brush Set

This brush set comes in a a transparent, plastic tube with a green lid. It includes 5 brushes and a small informational leaflet.

Bdellium Tools is renown for its eco-friendly brushes. The brushes from the Bambu series have sustainable bamboo handles and vegan, synthetic bristles. The handles are shorter than the usual size, and the brushes almost look like a travel set.  

The brushes are also protected by a fitted plastic sachet that can be easily removed and thrown away. Personally, I've chosen to keep the soft plastic cases to shape the brushes after I wash them.

Bdellium Green Bambu Smoky Eyes 5pc. Brush Set

The brushes included in the set are
- #781 Crease
- #777 Shadow
- #769 Angled Contour
- #760 Liner/Brow
- #716 Smoky Eyeliner

Bdellium Green Bambu Smoky Eyes 5pc. Brush Set
I tested all the brushes several times now, except for the #760.
I tried to find dupes for these brushes in my brush collection, and similarity may be for shape, size or materials.

The first brush is #781 Crease.

Bdellium Tools Green Bambu #781 Crease Brush

This brush is a nice blending brush: the bristle are very tightly packed but soft. It has a gently domed shape that fits well in the crease. It is optimal to get a stark, precise crease color but it works also very well for blending.

I found several similar brushes in my stash but no perfect dupe. The closest match I could find is the Essence brush, which is similar in shape, but its bristles are sparser and not as soft. Also similar are the E.L.F. Studio Contour Brush (bigger dome, stiffer), the E.L.F. Blending Brush (natural hair, stiffer), and the Neve London Blending Brush (longer and sparser hair). I also compared the #781 with the Mac #226 (crease brush) but the #226 is so much more bigger and fluffier it's basically another kind of brush.

E.L.F. Studio Contour Brush, E.L.F. Blending Brush, Neve London Blending
Brush, Bdellium #781, Essence Blending Brush, Mac #226

Second brush from the set is the #777 Shadow brush.

Bdellium Tools Green Bambu #777 Shadow Brush

It is a flat brush, with soft but stiff bristles. It's perfect for packing color on the lid, but it can be also used on the thin side to lightly line the lower lid or near the lash line.
Almost perfect match is the Mac #239, which is just slightly larger width. Similar but not dupe the E.L.F. Studio C Brush (bigger and not as flat) and the E.L.F. Eye Shadow Brush (natural hair, not as soft nor as many bristles).

E.L.F. Eye Shadow Brush, MAC #239, Bdellium #777, E.L.F. Studio C Brush

Third brush from the set is #769 Angled Contour.

Bdellium Tools Green Bambu #769 Angled Contour Brush

I have problems with this kind of brush as I never know how to exactly use it. Usually I end up using it as a crease brush or as an highlighter brush. In rare occasion, I use it as a all over the lid brush.
Anyway, the #769 has tightly packed bristles and it's very soft.

Closest match I could find is the Leon Hardy 21442 (4) brush, which has longer, natural bristles. Also the Leon Hardy 20674 (2) is very similar but it's smaller than the #769 and has natural hair. I don't like these Leon Hardy brushes because they don't keep their shape well after washing. The E.L.F. Studio Angled Contour brush is definitely larger in diameter.

E.L.F. Studio Angled Contour Brush, Bdellium Tools #769,
Leon Hardy 21442 and 20674 (please invert order for close up picture)

The #760 Liner/Brow brush is the fourth brush from the set and it's the only brush that I haven't gotten the chance to try yet.

Bdellium Tools Green Bambu #760 Liner/Brow Brush

It's a very small angled liner brush. It is also very, very thin: I imagine it would work great for natural looking brows, if you are used to draw your brows with powders and if you want to line your eyes with a almost invisible line, almost as a tight line.

I didn't find any match: all the angled liner brush I have are definite bigger and dwarf the #760, as you can see from the picture below.

Sigma E65, Bdellium Tools #760, E.L.F. Studio Small Angled Brush

Last but not least, the brush I am most excited about: #716 Smoky Eyeliner.

Bdellium Tools Green Bambu #716 Smoky Eyeliner Brush
The name suggests that this brush should be used to line the eyes, and I guess you could, if you want a soft line with a powder eyeshadow. As for me, I'd hesitate to call the #716 a eyeliner brush. In my opinion, it's more a smudge brush or a pencil brush, because it has a pointed shape, but it's not small enough to be a liner brush.

I love this brush! I do! I use it as a smudge/pencil brush and it works wonders!
I have a Sephora double ended brush and the Winged Smokey side is a perfect match for #716. I have been looking for something similar to the Sephora Winged Smokey brush everywhere because, as much as I love that brush, it is double ended and this makes it difficult to store and transport. The #716 is the perfect replacement and it's softer without losing definition. I also have the Sigma E30 and the MAC #219 brushes, both pencil brushes, but they have a more rounded tip and leave a broader, less defined line than the #716.

Sigma # E30, Bdellium #716, Sephora double ended brush, MAC #219 

Overall I am very impressed with this set. The quality of the brushes seem very high: bristles are soft but compact, don't lose their shape with the washing, easy to clease. The handles are shorter than usual but comfortable. I am particularly happy to have finally found a new pencil brush!
I'd definitely be curious to test other brushes from Bdellium Tools!


  1. I am SO tempted to purchase this set.

    1. It's a very good set: complete and good quality too!