Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Day 77. My experience at the Dermalogica counter

Just a month ago I was traveling back home from London. My sister B., my friend S. and I flew back home from Gatwick airport, which is completely duty free and has amazing brands and stores.

While I was waiting for my flight I stopped by the new Dermalogica counter because I wanted to pick up the famed Dermalogica Daily Microfoliant and see if they had any day cream since I had just finished my Dr. Hauschka treatment.

Stopping at the Dermalogica counter was a very good decision on my part and revealed to be a fantastic consumer experience!

Keep reading to find out more!

When I first arrived at the Dermalogica counter I asked one of the ladies to help me choose a day cream and a night cream, and that I wanted to try the Daily Microfoliant.
She asked me if I had time to have a skin consultation and since I had time to spare before my flight I accepted. Becky, the Dermalogica Skin Therapist explained that my answer together with the skin analysis she would do next would help her figure out the treatment more fitting for my skin. Dermalogica uses a system that divides the face and neck in 14 different areas that are analyzed singularly and eventually targeted with different treatment.

I had to fill out a short questionnaire with information about my skin care routine, kind of skin, my skin problem, ecc.
After reading my answers to the questionnaire, using some kind of magnifying glasses, she did a analysis of my skin, touching gently my face.
Becky noticed slight dehydration in my forehead area, a few comedones on cheeks and chin, and breakouts on my neck and jawline.
She compiled a "face mapping" chart (picture below) for me and selected a few products to treat my skin.

My Dermalogica Face Mapping

Becky then explained in detail each product she selected for me and how it would work on my skin, and she let me try the products on the back of my hand. The Face Mapping works as a prescriptions, and Becky also had additional suggestions to help with my skin: a facial to get rid of the comedones and to take all the products down to the neck to help with my breakout.

She selected for me six different products: Dermal Clay Cleanser, Multi-Active Toner, Active Moist moisturizer, Oil Free Matte SPF30 and Overnight Clearing Gel.

Since I was looking for a day cream and a night moisturizer, I decided to purchase the Active Moist moisturizer and the Oil Free Matte SPF30 in addition to the Daily Microfoliant and the Overnight Clearing Gel, the only unplanned purchase.

Becky packed my Face Mapping Prescription in a nice envelope with a Dermalogica catalogue. Together with the products I purchased, Becky also gave me travel samples of the Multi-Active Toner, the Dermal Clay Cleanser to try out and samples for the Daily Microfoliant and the Active Moist moisturizer.

The overall experience was about 20/30 minutes and was very pleasant. Becky, the skin therapist who helped me, was welcoming without being overbearing and extremely competent. She explained exactly what she was doing and why, which was greatly appreciated since she was looking very closely at my skin and touching my face a bit. She told me why she selected the products and how they would help my skin. She didn't pressured me into purchasing anything but let me decide on my own what to purchase.

I really appreciated that she could create a soothing and friendly atmosphere while in a very busy and kind of noisy place.
It is really satisfying to get a good and competent client care while in a store, and I really appreciated Becky's professionalism.

Let me talk a bit about the products I purchased. I am still fazing out my Clinique 3-Step treatment so I have been using on and off the Active Moist moisturizer, the Oil Free Matte SPF30 cream and the Overnight Clearing gel for a month now. I haven't touch the Daily Microfoliant yet. These are nothing more than first impression. The products are kind of expensive but in line with other high end brands.

I used the Oil Free Matte only a Bunch of time, but I did notice that helps my skin stay non-oily longer. It has a clear, pleasant smell. It is a kind of thick, so it does not come out of the bottle easily. A little product goes a long way.

Active Moist is the night moisturizer I was suggested. It is light and creamy, spreads beautifully on the skin and it is easily absorbed in the skin. It has a slight medical scent which it's not unpleasant and disappears quickly once applied.

The Dermalogica product I am most impressed by is the Overnight Clearing Gel. I had awful breakouts on my neck and jawline, and within a few nights of applying this product on the problem areas, the breakouts disappeared. The gel is transparent and light, absorbs quickly on the skin. It is really fresh.
After just one night, I notice that the breakouts are visibly reduced but the skin is not dry or flaky, as sometimes it happens with this kind of products.

Last product, the Dailt Microfoliant. I haven't tried this yet, because I am still using the Laura Mercier Face Polish.

So far I am very satisfied with this products, but I'll report back when I start using them routinely!

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