Sunday, March 24, 2013

Day 82. Kiko Eye Pencil in #102 [Review & Swatches]

Quick review today for one of the products from the Kiko range I like the most: the eye pencil in 102.

The Kiko Eye Pencil in #102 is a lilac-y pink color with a subtle bluish/cool-toned shimmer. It's not completely opaque but at the same time it's not to sheer.

It's soft: it does not tug or drag on the lid. It's a bit difficult to apply and does not stay long on the waterline: it takes a few swipes of color before it shows up and it fades in 2/3 hours.
It stays on all day long if applied with a primer.

Swatches for Kiko Eye Pencil in #102
Since it's pink, I tend to wear it on my lower lid with an otherwise neutral look: if I line my upper lash line with #102 I look ill, so give it a try before using it to line your upper lash line.

It's a really neat eyeliner in a fancy color. You may consider purchasing it even just to wear it a few times: it's a good eye liner that costs almost nothing (about 4€).

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