Saturday, March 23, 2013

Day 81. theBalm HotMama! Blush [review & swatches]

One of the blushes I reach for more frequently is definitely Hot Mama! from theBalm. It's one of my favorites, and if you browse my "look" tag, you'll see I mention it often.

This blush comes in a cute packaging: it is a cardboard box that opens up and reveals the blush and a small mirror. It also has a paper card sleeve that protects the box and that has the same exact retro pin-up girl print of the box.

Hot Mama! is a powder blush in the tones of peachy-pink with gold shimmer. While in the pan, the gold seems extremely intense, but on the skin it is so much more subtle.

theBalm Hot Mama! blush

It's a very wearable day color: it gives the cheeks a delicate peachy-pink wash of color and the shimmer makes the skin look luminous and healthy without being too much.

Swatches for theBalm Hot Mama! blush
It's soft and easy to pick up with a brush. It is also quite pigmented, so I suggest to start with little color and build up the intensity of the blush. It blends really easily.

As for longevity, I'd say it lasts on me about 3/4 hours before fading, but I also touch my cheeks quite a lot with my hands when I work, so it may last a bit longer if you don't touch you face at all during the day.

I am very satisfied with this blush, it's possibly my favorite blush and I'd definitely repurchase it if I ever were to run out of it, but since it is 7.08g/0.25oz, I doubt I'll run out before the next century!

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