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Day 79. Where to shop for make up and skin care products in Italy [5]

This is one of my post for the "Where to shop for make up and skin care products" series.

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One of places you can shop for make up and skin care in Italy are brand-owned stand alone stores.

International brands such as MAC and Inglot have stores in the biggest cities in Italy. 
In Rome and Milan MAC has also Pro Stores. Remember that if you want to take "back to MAC" deal (hand back six empty MAC products you get a free lipgloss or lipstick) and the town you are in has a MAC store you have to go there. Only if the town does not have a MAC store then you can do the "back to MAC" deal at a MAC counter. 

More popular and present also in medium sized towns is KIKO. Kiko Milano is an Italian brand of make up and skin care products and it's present in Italy and other five European countries. 
The stores are pretty small and may look crowded since Kiko has a huge range of products and Kiko is pretty popular. Kiko products are usually good quality and are pretty inexpensive, which make the brand really popular with young girls, who usually crowd the stores after school or during the weekend. The best time to visit the stores is thus during school hours (let's say 10am-2pm) when you may have time to browse the store without tripping over someone. 

Lilyox is similar to Kiko, but less wide spread. It is present in a few medium sized towns and offer a good range of product with good value for money. 

For luxury brands, if you are in a town with some sort of "Fashion District", fell free to pop in the store and ask for their make up line: they may have a section dedicated to cosmetics that it's not visible from outside the store, or they will direct you to their sister stores or partners. 

There is still one more post for this series, and then I have a couple of posts dedicated to WHAT cosmetics brand to try when you are in Italy! 

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