Friday, March 22, 2013

Day 80. Wet 'n' Wild Spoiled Brat Eyeshadow Trio [review & swatches]

Today I'm reviewing the Spoiled Brat Eyeshadow Trio (a.k.a. #336) from Wet 'n' Wild.

The Spoiled Brat trio from Wet 'n' Wild is a cute, intense and inexpensive palette.

As you can see from the picture below and understand from the instruction on the back of the palette and pressed into the eyeshadows themselves, each color is thought to a specific area of the eye. The fuchsia color is the eyelid color, the black os for the crease and the silver one would work as an highlighter. Naturally these are only suggestions, and you can use the eyeshadows however you want.

Wet 'n' Wild Spoiled Brat trio

For today, from the left, pictures are: eyeshadow in the pan, swatches in natural light (no primer/primer), swatches with flash (no primer/primer).

The eyelid color in this trio is a fuchsia color. It is an intense color, but it needs the help of a primer to show up opaque. I'd say it has a demi-matte/satin finish: there are some random glitter mixed in it but nothing bothersome. It has a distinct blue undertones, so it's a cool shade.
It's very soft and a bit powdery, but blend well.

Swatches for the eyelid color in the Wet 'n' Wild Spoiled Brat trio

This glittery black is the crease color. It's a matte black with glitter in it. While in the pan the glitter seems intense, but when applied it almost disappears: it may fall out, though, so I'd suggest using a primer. The color is kind of sheer, even with a primer.
Swatches for the crease color in the Wet 'n' Wild Spoiled Brat trio
The highlight/brow bone shade is a fantastic metallic silver. This is definitely the best shade out of the three in the Spoiled Brat palette. It is soft, buttery, applies and blends well. It's opaque with one wipe of color. Since it's soft and a bit powdery you need to pay attention when picking it up with your brush: remember to shake off the excess. This is the shade I find myself reaching for when I want an intense silver color. I am really impressed by this eyeshadow, it is definitely good quality, for a drugstore product!
Swatches for the brow bone color in the Wet 'n' Wild Spoiled Brat trio

Overall this is a fantastic palette. I used the three color together only once though, because the combination is intense and suitable just for a night out. Separately I reached for the fuchsia color and the silver color often.
The value for money is excellent, as the palette is 2.99$/2.30€!

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