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Day 73. Sleek MakeUp iDivine Lagoon LE palette [review & swatches]

Today my friend S. called me and told me that our local Sephora store was stocking two new Sleek MakeUp palette, so I had my sister drop by the store and pick them up for me. The first palette I am reviewing is the iDivine Limited Edition Lagoon palette from the Aqua Collection.

The palette has the typical Sleek MakeUp black case in hard plastic, with the name of the palette and the collection printed on the front.

The cardboard box it came in is very very pretty and obviously water-themed! I don't usually keep the boxes of the product I purchase but this is so pretty that I decided to keep it!

As all the Sleek palettes, the Lagoon palette contains 12 eyeshadows: 3 mattes shades and 9 pearl/shimmery shades.

Sleek provided a transparent sheet with the names of the eyeshadows.
Sleek MakeUp iDivine Lagoon palette

I have to apologize because the close up pictures of the eyeshadows in their pans turned up horribly: my camera simply didn't want to pick up the right colors. So please refer to the pictures of the whole palette (above and below) for a more accurate rendering of the eyeshadows in the pan. The pictures of the swatches are accurate, don't worry!

Sleek MakeUp iDivine Lagoon palette
As usual, I provided a picture of a double swatch: eyeshadow applied on bare skin (bottom swatch) and applied on primer (top swatch). The first picture is taken in natural light, the second with flash.

All the eyeshadow are kind of powdery, but it's something that you get used to work with.

Swatches for Sassea and Pink Jewel from the Sleek Lagoon palette.

Sassea is a turquoise shade with a subtle gold shimmer. It's soft and applies easily. It's pigmented without being completely opaque.

Pink Jewel is a cool pink (duh) color with a gold shimmer. Like Sassea, this shade is really easy to work with, provides good pigmentation and good coverage.

Swatches for Deep Water and Sand Dollar from the Sleek Lagoon palette.

Deep Water is a matte dark purple shade. It's really powdery and applies quite sheerly: it definitely helps using a primer with this shades as it makes the color show up more and more evenly.

Sand Dollar is a shimmery gold-y yellow. It's soft and applies easily.

Swatches for Reflection and Underworld from the Sleek Lagoon palette.

Reflection is a cool toned pinky lilac color with silver shimmer. It is very sheer: it needed more than two layers of color to show up clearly on my skin.

Underworld is a intense blue with cool toned shimmer. It's soft, easy to apply and blend. It's nearly opaque in coverage with just one swipe of color.

Swatches for Emerald and Sea Shell from the Sleek Lagoon palette.

Emerald is a cool forest green eyeshadow. Unfortunately, it's not very pigmented: it's sheer, barely there even with more than one layer of color.

Sea Shell is a fantastic shimmery golden bronze color. It's soft and buttery. It's very easy to pick up with a brush, so be careful not to over apply. A primer may help keep the application even.

Swatches for Oyster and Night Sky from the Sleek Lagoon palette.

Oyster is an insane shimmery silvery white color. I say insane because, holy cow, is this shade pigmented and reflective of what? Soft, buttery, a pleasure to blend. The only downside is that it's kind of powdery and the color may end up pretty much everywhere, making everything very bright and shimmery!

Night Sky is another matte purple color, lighter than deep water. It's powdery and sheer, but still easy to blend.

Swatches for Black Pearl and Ariel from the Sleek Lagoon palette.

Black Pearl is a demi-matte/pearlescent black. It's not shimmery nor matte, so I settled for a demi-matte finish. It's pigmented, applies well without being overwhelmingly opaque.

Ariel is a matte orangy, coral shade (inspired by the hair of the Little Mermaid's?). Without a primer it is kind of sheer: with a primer the color intensity improves.

This palette is a half a hit and half a miss with me. There are a couple of shades that I can see becoming favorites (Oyster, Sea Shell, Sand Dollar), but also what I would consider dud shades (Night Sky, Emerald). If you already have shimmery pinks and blues, I'd say to skip this; if you don't, this may be a good starting point for a spring-summer eye palette.

[ETA 03/17/2013: I did a look using Sand Dollar and Sea Shell here]

Swatches for the Sleek MakeUp iDivine LE Lagoon palette
from the Aqua Collection

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