Tuesday, January 1, 2013


Hello and welcome to 365 Days of Make Up!

My name is E. and I'll be your host here at 365 Days of Make Up blog.

I'm in my late 20s, Italian and a Make Up addict. 
While I spent all my teenage years and good part of my twenties without giving a crap about make-up, in 2010 I found myself wanting to do my own make up look, a dear friend of mine took me to a Mac counter in my town and it's been downhill since then. 

Since I have been taking pictures of my looks and writing reviews for a private group on Facebook for the past two years, I though it would be nice to share them with the Beauty/MakeUp community out there. This is the idea behind this blog

So: I am not a professional Make Up Artist, I just enjoy doing my own make up (sometimes also other people's) and talking about cosmetics.

The plan is to post every day of 2013 with pictures of the make up looks I do or with reviews and comments of products I use.
I welcome any kind of feedback (be kind, please! I am fragile!)

You will not find any new products here: All product are well loved and purchased in the past 2/3 years by yours truly. The pictures of the cosmetics will reflect their use, be warned!

All the pictures will be taken with my iPhone 4S camera or with my crappy compact camera. I'll do my best with what I have!

So, thank you for stopping by and please, feel free to comment, post feedback, ask any question you may have!

Keep reading!

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