Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Day 1 - Orange&Blue Delight

Day 1.
A look inspired by one of Nikki, suited for springtime, or at least the crisp, clear weather we are having today.

Day1_product and look

Products I used:
- Mac Paint Pot in Painterly
- Mac Eye Shadow in Gesso and Samoa Silk
- Make Up For Ever Waterproof Eyeliner Pencil in 15L
- Mac Chromagraphic Pencil in NW25/NC30
- Pupa Color Pop Mascara in 08
- Mac Powder Blush in Dame (not pictured)

Day 1. Orange&Blue Delight

Eyelid primer: Mac Paint Pot in Painterly
On the lid: Mac Eye Shadow in Samoa Silk
On the brow bone: Mac Eye Shadow in Gesso
On the lower waterline: Mac Chromagraphic Pencil in NW25/NC30
Around the eye: Mac Powder Blush in Dame
On the lashes: Pupa Color Pop Mascara in 08
Brush: Elf Studio C Brush (for eyeshadow)

Mac Powder Blush in Dame on the cheek.
On the cheek: Mac Powder Brush in Dame
Brush: Sigma F50


Swatches (natural/flash) for MUFE Eyeliner in 15L, MAC Samoa Silk (Base/no base)

From the top (natural/flash):
- Make Up Forever Waterproof Eyeliner in 15L (it glides beautifully on the waterline and it's really waterproof)
- Mac Eye Shadow in Samoa Silk over base (Mac Paint Pot in Painterly)
- Mac Eye Shadow in Samoa Silk with no base

Both Samoa Silk and Gesso are opaque colors, and are a bit stiff: you'll have to dip your brush multiple time to pick up the colors. On the skin Samoa Silk shows up between a orange-y and a yellow-y shade. It's a very soft and delicate tint. Gesso is basically transparent on me, hence the lack of swatches. I use it to blend the main color towards the brow bone.

Swatches (natural/flash) for Mac Blush in Dame (top: foundation; bottom: no foundation)

From the top (natural/flash):
- Mac Powder Blush in Dame over Laura Mercier Oil-Free Foundation
- Mac Powder Blush in Dame over bare skin.
This blush is a blue-based pink that shows up with purple highlights. It's stiff ti pick up with a brush, but once it's on it's easy to work with.

The Mascara is a colored one of the blue mascaras (08) from the LE Color Pop collection (2011) from Pupa. The formula is weirdly dry, and the wand is awful, it bends too easily and make it difficult to apply the mascara. The color are beautiful though and shows up well on my medium-dark lashes. A mascara primer would help the color show up more easily.

The Mac Chromagraphic Pencil in NW25/NC30 is a flesh-toned pencil from the Pro range at Mac. It is a fantastic pencil, it packs color and glides easily on the waterline.
The Mac Point Pot in Painterly is my go-to eyelid primer. Technically it is a cream eye shadow and can be used on its own but it works as a base/primer for other eyeshadows too. It prevents them from creasing and make them last longer. It works for people with pink/neutral undertones.

For day 1 is all!
thank you for reading and let me know what you think!

Products from Day 1

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