Thursday, January 17, 2013

Day 17. Cranberry nights and days.

Another post with my sister.
She asked me to do her make up again, and I accepted. I pushed the envelope with her today, because, OMG, I dared to use color! and she's a black liner and mascara kind of girl.

I kept it easy since my sister likes simple make up looks. I did something similar to my "rockin' soft plum" look, but I added a layer of Mac Cranberry Eyeshadow to give it more of a spark. Also, I tried not to go overboard and kept the eyeshadow contained: as under the crease as possible, and not too open on the sides.

Here's the look!
As you can see it's very simple, but has a hint of color that brings out my sister's eyes!
It's a look that's appropriate both for day and night, not to out there but really nice and clean looking!

- Make Up For Ever in 17
- Make Up For Ever Aqua Black
- Mac Cranberry Eye Shadow
- Maybelline Feather Look Volum'Express Mascara

Two more pictures after the jump!

As you can see form the picture above, Mac Cranberry makes the look more sparkly and intense than just the Aqua Cream! and the eyeshadow doesn't only add color, but also works as a stopper for the cream eyeshadow (not that the MUFE aqua cream needs any help with staying in place!).

The eyeliner is a simple black line, only slightly winged!

So what do you think? Should my sister dare more?

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