Sunday, January 20, 2013

Day 20. Sephora Rouge Mr. Lover Lipstick (R10)

Today post is all for one of may favorite lipsticks: the Sephora Rouge lipstick in Mr. Lover/R10.

For more pictures, swatches and review, keep reading!

Sephora Rouge Mr. Lover lipstick (R10)
From the Sephora France website:

Un rouge à lèvres crème haute couvrance décliné en 24 teintes haute intensité !Sephora Rouge, le rouge à lèvres icône de Sephora allie couvrance parfaite, confort et couleurs haute intensité. Sephora Rouge est le seul rouge haute couvrance ultra-glissant ultra-pigmenté qui contient jusqu’à 20% de pigments pour des lèvres d’une beauté éclatante.
Résultat: Des lèvres pulpeuses aux couleurs pures et intenses, tout en confort, pour un résultat sophistiqué. 
[Creamy lipstick with high coverage, in 24 shades with high intensity! Sephora Rouge, the iconic lipstick from Sephora, combines perfect coverage with comfort and high-intensity colors. Sephora Rouge is the only lipstick with high coverage, that glides on easily and with high pigmentation that is 20% pigments, for perfectly beautiful lips. Results: plump and soft lips, with pure and intense colors, for a sophisticated look.]

The Sephora Rouge Mr. Lover lipstick delivers what the claim promises. The texture for this lipstick is smooth and creamy, and it glides on the lips easily, it doesn't tug at all. I wouldn't say it's moisturizing formula, but it doesn't dry my lips either.
The coverage is fantastic: my lips are fairly pigmented on their own, and this shade covers them perfectly. Also, since it has a creamy consistency, the lipstick looks fresh, dewy and shiny on the lips, even after a few hours.
This lipstick doesn't have any noticeable scent (or if it does, it's not enough for me to pick up).
Its lasting power is incredible: on my lips, it lasts 5/6 hours without any noticeable fading, after 8 hours you can still see a stain on the lips. All this without reapplying the lipstick once. It does transfer a bit while eating or drinking, but nothing extreme or that would call for reapplying.

And this shade. Totally in love.
Mr. Lover (R10), how do I love thee?

Is it fuchsia? Is it hot pink? Is it red with a kick? I don't know, but it rules.
It is blue-based, but I think you can only tell under particular light condition (i.e. flash, cool-toned light).

Swatches for Sephora Rouge Mr. Lover (R10) lipstick
natural light (top), flash (bottom)

I do love neutral colors for day/work look, but when I actually do a neutral look on my eyes, I cannot resist picking up this lipstick: I think that neutral eyes with bold lips is a slightly subversive look to wear on the job. No matter what, pink/fuchsia is not red, so it's more acceptable in the workplace, but it still has something feminine and attention grabbing which is not entirely suitable for work. I do enjoy upsetting the status-quo, even if just with a lipstick.
I do love my Mr. Lover lipstick, and if it was to be discontinued it would be one of the shades I would pick up multiples, enough to last me a lifetime.

I don't know if the rest of the shades of the Sephora Rouge line are as good as this one, but this one shade is surely worth picking up!

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