Monday, April 1, 2013

Day 90. Sleek MakeUp blush in Gold Rose [review & swatches]

Another one of the product I got in London a way back.

Sleek MakeUp blush in Gold Rose

Sleek MakeUp Gold Rose (#926) is a compact powder blush that comes in the classic plastic black case from Sleek. It contains 8g/0.27 oZ of product.

Gold Rose is a pink shade with intense gold shimmer. The base color is subtle, a nice pink that would fit all medium-light skin tones. It applies sheerly, but it builds up really easily. What makes this blush stunning is the golden shimmer, which is intense and bright without being glittery, even when you apply it lightly on the cheeks.
It's soft and easy to blend.
I would say it lasts about 3/4 hours on my cheeks, before fading.

Swatches for Sleek MakeUp Gold Rose blush (top:unblended; bottom: blended).
Swatches on the left taken in natural light, swatches on the right taken with flash.

A few days ago, I reviewed theBalm Hot Mama blush, which I first thought was a similar to Gold Rose. I was already berating myself for having spent money for a dupe, when I swatched both on my arm.
They are definitely similar because they both have an intense golden shimmer. But the base color is different. While Gold Rose is pink based, Hot Mama is orange-peach. I don't think they may defined dupes but they are definitely similar.

Swatches for Sleek MakeUp Gold Rose (left) and
for theBalm Hot Mama 

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