Thursday, April 11, 2013

Day 100. Urban Decay Lip Junkie in Naked [review & swatches]

Today I am reviewing a product from a product category I don't use often: lipgloss. I got this lipgloss in a sample size with one of my UD palette. I am talking about the Urban Decay Lip Junkie in Naked.

My sample size Lip Junkie is 3.23ml/0.11oz, while the full size is 10ml/0.34oz. The pack is a miniature replica of the full size, I was really impressed with the care UD took with this.

About Lip Junkies (from the UD official page):

You want a super-shiny gloss, but can't stand the sticky texture, right? Wait till you feel the soft, cushiony texture of this gloss! Lip Junkie stays put longer than other glosses, but never feels gummy or gooey. It comes in a range of pretty amazing shades (if we do say so ourselves), and the color payout is amazing. Take your pick from sheer pretty neutrals, kick-ass brights, or glimmering near-black. And the flavor? Think yummy wedding mints... a sweet mint with a little zing that makes breath feel fresh. 
The Lip Junkie I own is thicker than other lipgloss I tried, and while it's a bit tacky it's not too sticky and it doesn't slide as much. It has a rather pleasant mint scent/flavor that disappears after a while. It lasts a bit longer than other lipgloss, about 2/3 hours for me.
It's not very plumping but it has a initial cooling effect on the lips.

The shade I own is called Naked, and it is indeed perfectly naked on my lips. The color match perfectly my natural lip color, so on my lips Naked gives just an extra boost of shine and brightness.

UD Naked Lip Junkie
On less pigmented lips the delicate pink color with golden sparkle may be seen better.

Swatches for UD Naked Lip Junkie  
Overall I am very impressed with the Lip Junkie formula as I experienced with Naked: it's not uncomfortable and last longer than usual. If I were one to wear lipgloss, I would certainly pick up one of two UD Lip Junkies!

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