Saturday, June 22, 2013

Day 169. Mac Kinda Sexy lipstick [review & swatches]

Today post is all for a classic lipstick that was a recent addition to my lipstick stash: Mac Kinda Sexy.

Mac Kinda Sexy lipstick

I recently went to Mac to do a Back-to-Mac deal (you take back 6 Mac products - empty or not - and you get a lipstick - or eyeshadow - for free) and I seriously intended to get Candy Yum Yum but after Silly and Embrace Me, I couldn't just justify buying another bright shade, even if it's summer. So I got Kinda Sexy, which I have been testing for a couple of days now.

Kinda Sexy is a dark peach color, but it leans toward the brown part of the spectrum (instead of the orange side of it), so it can be considered a neutral shade. It has a matte finish.

Swatches for Mac Kinda Sexy lipstick

It is very pigmented and it's opaque in one go: it covers my fairly pigmented lips easily.

Kinda Sexy goes on the lips smoothly, doesn't tug at all, as it's slightly creamy. It's not hydrating, but not overly drying either.

It lasts on my lips for about 4/5 hours without retouching, after that it starts to feather out, disappearing completely around hour 7. While testing, I drank from a bottle and ate a light snack (fruit) and the lipstick resisted fairly well, fading just a bit.

So far, I am liking Kinda Sexy. It is a neutral shade suited for all occasions, and I think it would look even better on someone with a darker complexion.

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