Thursday, June 6, 2013

Day 156. Urban Decay eyeshadow cheat sheet [tip]

I am a big fan of Urban Decay eyeshadows. I am the proud owner of several of their palettes and I covet more. But I find hard to keep track which eyeshadows are in which palette.

Image from Urban Decay
Since I want to buy a few more shades from UD and their palette are such a good deal (in comparison to single eyeshadow pans), I decided to compare the shades from the single pans available at UD and the ones contained in their palette.

So I am sharing the resulting table with you.
On the row, you'll find the palettes, on the column you'll find the single shades of eyeshadow. You'll notice that UD has been really careful to put in each palette only one or two eyeshadows from other palette.

As a result, I own 2 Foxy shades, 2 Half Baked shadows, and 2 Blackouts; I also know now that I own half of the new Dangerous palette thanks to me having the 15th Anniversary palette.

It's quite handy. So without further ado, here the link to the table

Most of the single pan eyeshadow are in one or more palettes, so think carefully and check the "cheat sheet" to see if you don't own the shade you want already or if purchasing another palette may be cheaper.

The table (cheat sheet) is currently on Google Docs and I'll work to keep it updated and I'll try to make it easier to read.

Hope it helps!

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