Thursday, June 13, 2013

Day 163. Brush cleaning [tip]

I am a brush junkie. I have tons and tons of brushes, ranging from the cheapest to the expensive. Since I have so many brushes, I tend to use new brushes every morning, especially for my eye make up.
I run out of clean brushes to use about every two weeks, and today was the day I decided to clean all my brushes to have clean ones to use tomorrow.

My brush cleaning routine is pretty simple and straightforward.

Under running warm water I wet the bristles of a brush for a few seconds.  After the bristles are wet I pour a few drops of Johnson's Baby Shampoo directly on the bristles and proceed to lightly rub them on the palm of my hand. When a little bit of foam develop I rinse the brush under warm running water till the foam is all out.

I repeat this short procedure for each brush, as I want to be sure to clean everything. After cleaning each brush I lay it on a clean towel while I wash all the other brushes. This also starts the drying process.

Sometimes all my brushes don't fit the towel, so I start stacking them for the time being.

For most face brushes, I use the Sigma Dry'n'Shape, which speeds up slightly the drying time.

For the other brushes, I simply lay them down on a clean towel on a flat surface.

After laying them down, I lightly spray the bristles with the MUFE Brush Cleanser, just to give them an extra cleaning. You could also spray or dip them in alcohol to the same effect.

It takes about 8/10 hours for the densest brushes to dry, while some brushes takes just a few minutes.

I have been using this method since forever and my brushes are in excellent shape. I only had to trow away a E.L.F. brush a few month ago because handle broke. That's all!

So this is my trusty methods for cleaning brushes. What's yours?

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