Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Day 155. Wish List

I am an impulsive buyer. I tend to buy what strikes my fancy when I am browsing stores (both online and offline). At the same time, I am quite good at controlling my self (not always, but often enough that I'm just nearly broke and not completely broke). Sometimes I decide on impulse to buy products from a collection that is not out yet and I book the items I want (usually this happens with Mac, since LE items sell out quickly). Since I am in Italy and several bands are not available here, every time my friends or I visit another country, I write down a short wish list for products that are available there for them (or me) to purchase, but usually this list id for products that are easy to find (drugstore items).

But I have a few products that I yearn for but are almost completely out of reach, mostly because of their price or unattainability. These items are part of what I consider my (real) wish list, where "wish" really means "miracle".

- Nars Yachiyo Kabuki Brush, also known as the Nars Blush Brush
- any brush from Hakuhodo
- a couple more 217 and 239 from Mac (you cannot have too many 217s or 239s)

- cream blush from Tarte
- cream blush from Illamasqua
- Watercolor blush from Daniel Sandler

- any from Tom Ford (Pink Adobe would be perfect though)

I would like to try also some products from Shiseido, Guerlain, La Prairie and Chanel, which are available in Italy but really are out of my price range.

Do you have a "miracle" list? which products would you like to try but just know that it would be highly improbable you'd get the chance to?

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